Snazzy FX




Releasing the first boxes at NAMM 2010, and of course THE AUDIO ARK a year before, Dan Snazelle of Snazzy FX has been at it full time ever since. From Rackmount to Desktop, From Floormount to Woodhaven, Modular and In between, its not the format that matters, it’s the ethos, the foam inside the cannon.

With Snazzy FX you are going to get your questions answered but also some new ones thrown at you. Not in this business for the business but in it to CREATE CREATE CREATE!

As a musician Dan had already been around for a long long time (formerly of Bill Ding, La Makita Soma, and later variou others projects, including a Surveillance release in 2000 and once in NYC, soundtracks, theatre music and sound design. Playing guitar for almost 30yrs and synths since high school, Dan is a player, a songwriter and a listener FIRST AND SECOND. So anything Snazzy FX creates is going to have been put through the various strange paces associated with creating music, whether IN THE MOMENT, or in the recording studio.

With eyes focused clearly on what NEW possibilites have fallen out of the SKY, as well as a clear scope pointed at the PAST, with all its paths not taken, Snazzy FX is continually looking and dreaming,

excited to bring the world more instruments born NOT OF COMPROMISE or “THE LOGIC OF THE MARKETPLACE”, but born of passion and desire to mess with stuff.

To knock things over and create beautiful sounds.

Seriously, we want to be involved in your musical enviroment. We want to help push you around, get you doing things you hadnt thought of, or maybe had forgotten all about.

Maybe these tools are getting more and more complex but they also help you go deeper.

Snazzy FX =not for the faint of heart but also Snazzy FX=machines for those who take music very seriously.

Because every detail is pored over and put in a bucket for weeks.


So let us see what comes next!