Snazzy FX



The theme cut through every inch of sand that settled around their feet. With arching backs and metal implements, they suffered through the next few miles. He shouted on and on about the last time they tried to take the shortcut through this patch of mountain wasteland but no one would change course.

It was 1107, 1907, 1997, 2007, 2070. A thousand years, maybe more, condensed and refracted as a series of angles and aural visions. This beautiful/ horrific moment would call in the big dogs, let the caged spirits out and eventually create a giant structure of laser beams, third eyes, and inscrutable glyphs.

Starting with stone tablets and graph paper, need, and openness to possible disaster, possible profound connection with the ether or with pure fantasy, they set out in turbine powered vehicles and came back from trips to the sky with fully realized diagrams.

The proposal was simple. Cut to the heart of the matter with the subtlety of a florescent battleship with a fat black flag glowering proud from above. Time to make subtlety and all of its half-stepping tangents feel like a dodo bird at a taxidermy convention. Use machines to bring about the next aeon, psychic powers and shady phantoms. Use all manner of vibration, from color to sound to earthquake to unhinge even the most traveled and relaxed character.

The mission was dangerous. The updated Barkhausen-Kurz technology was a complete failure. There were tragic catastrophes, buildings destroyed, and some ultimately went crazy. Many of the tech sorcerers abandoned hope. But those who knew not how to stop pressed on. The core team beginning to take shape, choices were made and new high pressure suits were developed to accommodate ever higher electrical and metaphysical dangers.

The first major success was unfortunately far too successful. The full on vibrations emitted from code name N-O-Mal actually caused the machine to split into a million pieces. One facility was completely destroyed and years of work lost. After much debate and a greater respect for the powers they were dealing with, work began on the audio ark, a machine designed to communicate with %%%%%% and send subjects into __________. Upon completion there was much celebration, as it rolled down the stainless steel conveyor belt into the arms of adoring technicians, a new awareness of the future took hold.

A Cryptic Memo was distributed:

Memo # 3523 Attention Detectors:

Project Code name: Triad aka The Big Three.

Focus Thy Will.

Today we begin work on the three, on the one. The goal being to create the ####### reaction. (please see memo GHGHG codename:PINWHEEL) Our host of choice is referred to as an “fx box” or in some circles, a “stompbox”. We must do everything we can to make these “stompboxes” look unobtrusive so that the “musician” in question will not suspect a thing. Also, we must encourage frequent use of these “boxes” so that the energy will achieve full strength and accumulate properly in the _________ forever.

During your testing with “musicians”, you can be assured the devices are working when the subject begins to exhibit signs of elation or happiness. He or She will not understand what is really happening during this reaction. Of course, Complete secrecy is required. These devices will from this point on be referred to only in riddle. With luck and faith, we will harness the shapes and achieve the desired state. Go Forward with Sharp Antenna.

Yours in Deed,
Sir Luther

P.S. Codename:TRIAD ended up a far larger undertaking then any of the workers could have anticipated. Week after week, month after month, coils, beveled edges, candles, scraps, copper, teeth, fire, plasma, circuits, water, air and bone collided in warehouses, laboratories, bonfires, catacombs, offices, and dark factory halls. Large robotic arms and wind machines became part of the background, workdays felt like snake charming, and the clouds spoke of meaning. The goal was to create three machines which could operate inconspicuously as “musical effects” while hiding their true purpose. In time, after each device was created, the final work began on using all three in tandem to bring about the unspoken goal.

Flash forward to the present. The original goals of the team obscured, the first three products are unleashed on the public. Each individual “customer” plugging in his or her device is part of the thread, of the total goal. Once critical mass is reached, all will be revealed.

Travel at your own peril.