Snazzy FX



Programmable Arduino-based module

The ARDCORE-whatever you need your modular to be TODAY.

Have you ever been in the middle of a patch and thought, “I sure wish I had a _____ in my modular”. Or how about, “I sure wish I had another ______.

Allowing for unique rhythms through the use of the gate output, a typical setup might see the Dreamboat involved in a few feedback loops while controlling an ADSR and a VCA with its gate output. When used with TIP-TOP’s special dual cables, hearing AND viewing the Dreamboat at the same time is a snap.

Well start filling in the blanks with the Snazzy FX ARDCORE. Built around an Arduino compatible chipset with all the controls you need for a Eurorack Module, the ARDCORE can fill almost any role you need it to.

With its built in USB port, CV ins, Gate outs, DAC outs and CLOCK in, you have everything you need to begin experimenting with programming, or simply browsing the library of over 55 included programs, each of which turns the ARDCORE into a completely different module!

For programmers AND non-programmers alike:

All the code is freely available.

With an open source software foundation, you can be guaranteed that other people in the community will be contributing their own programs as well. And since it can be programmed from within the FREE Arduino IDE program, (OSX, LINUX, OR PC) its compatible with whatever computer you have.

And for people who have never programmed but think they might like to try, ARDCORE gives you a whole lot of material to mess around with. You can change a value or delete some lines, save it as a new program and Upload it to the ARDCORE in no time at all. Who knows, maybe you’ll even teach yourself how to write an amazing new module.

Many of the sketches include clear commenting as well as reusable functions, so in many cases all you have to do to write a new sketch is copy a few functions, add a few values and debug a little bit.Each program uses the same familiar hardware. So no matter what you are working on, you always have the same knobs and jacks being used in the code. This makes it easy to USE the programs too. And if you decide you need the pitch control to be on the top left knob instead of the bottom right, all you have to do is open up the program and change two values.



The current list of programs is pretty amazing. It is a bit hard to believe sometimes that the little AVR chip can do so much.

While designed with CV in mind, the ARDCORE does have some audio abilities. Included in the library is a delay FX program, a bit-crusher, a few waveshapers, a distortion or two, and a ring modulator. There is also a white noise generator, a Square-Wave VCO, an FM oscillator, a bunch of glitchy/noisy programs, and a really amazing Drum Sample player complete with a program for uploading the samples.

On the CV side of things, the list is enormous, with quantizers, pattern generators, sequencers, CV recorders, scale generators, drunken walks, clock dividers, a really nice arpeggiator, a triple output LFO, a waveshaped LFO, random gates, glissando, a shift register, and more. And since the Ardcore is open source, more programs will be coming. Or you can write your own!

Check out the videos on our youtube page. Or head on over to for more info on Arduino.