Snazzy FX


HAND-MADE series

Hand-Made limited edition pedals

sometimes Snazzy feels like taking time out to make a few hand-made , one of a kind pedals. internally these pedals still exhibit the same high quality electronics you would expect from snazzy fx but they are smaller, pedalboard friendly and each one is individually painted and signed.

for some people these pedals also mean the chance to get a pedal many months before it is available in larger numbers as Snazzy only makes 5-15 of each.

if you are interested please contact us. sometimes due to the limited nature of these pedals, we can make mods to the pedal for an additional charge. (an extra lfo, cv inputs/outputs , etc )

currently building : wow and flutter, Surf’s UP, divine hammer, Neighborhood, field trip’s and a few weird chaos boxes.