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space rock laser gun

The Divine Hammer is our return to the world of pedals!


The divine hammer features lots of swirling harmonics! Four types of gain (BJT, FET, CV controlled MOSFET , and opamp) feed our unique LFO/CV controlled harmonic section.

With two LFO or CV controlled sections, it’s easy to set up everything from metallic sounds to thick psych sounds. This box and your amp on clean can dial in hundreds of space rock, drone, and shoegazer sounds. Sounds great on drums , synths , BASS, ETC. and works as a waveshaper on euro signals . Includes 2 cv inputs and a euro signal input.

Internally, the Divine Hammer works at +/-5v.

These boxes have a lot of functionality! Including not only guitar in and out, BUT modular synthesizer inputs, and CV inputs/Modulaton inputs. DIVINE HAMMER QUICK NOTES here are some quick notes on the DIvine Hammer (see quick start photo)

  1. Start by turning BIAS KNOB and FEEDBACK knob to zero.
  2. Start with HI/LO toggle to right (hi gain mode)
  3. start with OFFSET KNOB just a bit off center (like 1 o clock or 2 o clock)
  4. CV knob next to OFFSET knob controls how much the LFO moves the OFFSET knob automatically. SO turn this up to almost full
  5. Set SPEED (lfo) to about 7 o clock or so
  6. Set SOURCE switch towards top (its a three pos switch….down equals fixed voltage, middle is off, top is LFO/CV to BIAS knob)
  7. crank the volume
  8. SET tilt to almost Max. (this knob controls harmonic content. basically it allows for some phase shift and it will make more sense as you hear it)

the lfo can go into AUDIO RATES as well so if you crank it, you hear the tone coming thru

EASIEST WAY TO APPROACH IT FEEDBACK AND BIAS AND HI/LO switch control HOW BIG the signal is going into the TILT/OFFSET/CV section YOU CAN do some pretty weird stuff in LO GAIN MODE as you can have very pretty stuff (like when you were playing blackbird) that is slightly tinged with Dirty or metallic overtones.

The subtle effects are there for the discovering (it encourages hours of messing about) but just remember that if you ever get “Lost” and arent hearing sound, to CHECK the offset knob. The offset knob, in combination with the CV knob has last control of the VOLUME and HARMONICS so sometimes if offset is too far to the left or right, you get no sound. this is on purpose so that there is LOTS of range in fact if you set the LFO right you can get sounds that sweep up slowly OR you can get PSYCH TREMOLO FUZZ or SWIRLY FUZZ….etc it all depends on how you set it and how big the signal is coming into the box

ONE OTHER IMPORTANT THING THE OFFSET KNOB AND CV KNOB ARE BOTH AT ZERO IN THE CENTER NEGATIVE TO THE LEFT AND POSITIVE TO THE RIGHT this allows you to send the LFO to the OFFSET as a negative CV (by flipping CV to left) while sending it to the BIAS pot (mosfet bias) as a positive CV (just make sure SOURCE TOGGLE is flipped UP if you want the LFO (or cv 2 if you plug it in) to effect the MOSFET VIA the BIAS POT

also you can plug line level stuff in as well if you plug line level stuff into the GUITAR JACK it will distort it! (which might be really cool)